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Yay for the beautiful weather we have been having!  Unfortunately that brings students a desire to wear summer clothing and sometimes these do not meet our school’s dress code.  Here is a reminder of those items that are most applicable to a change in dress due to warmer weather:
Skirts and shorts must be long enough to reach the length of the student’s fingertips when standing with arms down at sides.  Short shorts, mini skirts, skorts, and any skirts with slits above the knee are prohibited.
Spaghetti straps, halter, tube, mesh, strapless, bare midriff, bareback, low-cut, see-through tops and tops that expose the shoulders are prohibited.  Shirts with deeply cut arm holes or that have only one shoulder are also prohibited.
Though sandals are allowed, students need to wear athletic shoes for gym class.
Due to COVID restrictions we cannot supply students with alternative clothing, so parents may need to be called if a student’s clothing does not meet the dress code.

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