Students in grades 4-6 will all be on full remote instruction through October 1st due to the number of Covid cases and quarantines. Students should log onto their Chromebooks for class from home by the time they start class on a regular school day. Online classes will follow the regular school schedule with their classroom teachers.


The regular board meeting scheduled for Monday, October 4, 2021, at 7PM has been rescheduled for Wednesday, October 5, 2021, at 7PM.

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COVID Dashboard as of 9/19/2021

Clarification on the Quarantine Process, Makeup Work and Absences

We’ve had some parent questions about whether receiving a letter notifying them of a close contact exposure in the classroom or on the bus means that their child must quarantine.  No, it does not.  Those letters only provide general information that there was a close contact.  If your child were actually a close contact and had to quarantine, you would receive a phone call from the school nurse to notify you. 

Also, if the school nurse does call you to notify you that your child must quarantine, there are currently two options.  Option 1 is staying home for 10 days if your child remains symptom-free following exposure.  In Option 2 students can return if they are tested on or after the 5th day following their exposure and, if negative, they can return on day 7.

Parents of quarantined children who are not sick may request makeup work from teachers to be completed at home or wait for children to make up work when they return to school.  Either way, quarantined absences do not count against your child’s number of legal absence days.


Health and Safety Focus Outcome Summary

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2021-2022 Approved Budget

 Lunch Account

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