7th Grade Cannon


Seventh grade students at Forbes Road High School recently got to experience a once in a life time opportunity when they got to see a canon fired.  North-South Skirmish Association, Allegheny Region, members Rosalind Klinepeter, David Klinepeter, Michael Klinepeter and Kenny Winklepleck performed the demonstration with some of the students even taking part in the live action.  Students were shown Civil War period firearms as well as clothing worn during those times.  They learned about cannons, how they have evolved over time, and the different types of cannonballs that were used.  Mrs. Klinepeter even took the time to make “hardtack” for the students to experience.  These cracker-like squares were a staple ration for American soldiers on both sides of the Civil War.  The students would like to thank everyone involved and Mr. Hollinshead for arranging this experience.

Video is best watched at full screen.