Title IX Materials

Training Materials

Forbes Road School District is committed to the maintenance of a safe, positive learning 
environment for all students that is free from discrimination by providing all students 
course offerings, counseling, assistance, services, employment, athletics and extracurricular 
activities without any form of discrimination, including Title IX sexual harassment. 
Discrimination is inconsistent with the rights of students and the educational and programmatic 
goals of the district and is prohibited at or, in the course of, district-sponsored programs 
or activities, including transportation to or from school or school-sponsored activities.
Title IX Coordinator, Tammy Fraker
Assistant to the Superintendent/Board Secretary
159 Red Bird Drive
Waterfall, Pa 16689
814-685-3866 EXT 1133

Title IX Compliance Officer, Heidi O’Neal
Athletic Director/Teacher
159 Red Bird Drive
Waterfall, PA 16689
814-685-3866 EXT 1125