Options available in the military are one of the goal choices a youth with a disability can choose to prepare for after high school graduation.   Access to all military branch recruiters are available in the high schools during school time.   A recruiter can also be accessed in the community to discuss eligibility requirements, and options through military service.    Military service can be an excellent choice for students with a disability to broaden their life experiences, develop skills and have post-secondary education opportunities.

     The Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery or ASVAB test is the entrance test to enlist in the US Military.   It has two primary purposes.  First, it determines whether you have the mental aptitude to enlist in the military branch of your choice, and second, the results help the service(s) determine which military job(s) you have the mental aptitude for.  Opportunities to take the ASVAB test are given at the high schools and also can be accessed in the community through the support of a recruiter.