School Board


As per official action taken at the Reorganization Meeting on December  3, 2018, the Forbes Road School Board set the first Monday of the month (unless holiday or school closing) for the regular Board Meetings. The public is invited as usual to attend the meeting at their discretion.  The Regular Board meetings will be held in the Forbes Road High School Library at 7:00 pm.   Any changes and/or special meetings will be announces as needed. Administrative Committee Meetings are held (unless a holiday or school closing) the Tuesday prior to the regular school board meeting at 7:00 p.m.

Kirby Shoemaker          President Brian Barton                  Vice President Merrill Arnold      Member
Kathy Baker                  Member Margaret Bolinger  Member Dulce Hall                 Member
Byron Helsel            Member Damon Schoen     Member

Approved Agendas

2019 School Board Meeting Dates


January          February               March


January          February            March          April          May

     August          September           October           November         December


January          February          March          April          May          June

August          September          October          November          December


January          February          March          April          May          June

August          September          October          November          December


January/February          March          Special Meeting – March 24, 2014           April – Minutes

May          June          August          September          October          November          December


January        February          March          Special meeting – March 13, 2014          April           May

June         July          August         October         September          November           December


March          April          May        June        August             September

October          October-Special Meeting          November         December